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Dear To-be-wed

Here you can request a wedding ceremony conducted by a celebrant from Sidmennt.

Modest fees for driving apply when the ceremony is held at a place that is away from our centers.

2018: Wedding: From January 1. 2018 is  ISK 49.500 kr.

Discounts for members in 2018:  ISK 10.000 for each member.

Further inquiries can be made at

Chief of Sidmennt Celebrational Services is Svanur Sigurbjornsson. (

Request for a wedding ceremony

The Ceremonial Services of Sidmennt, Icelandic Humanist Association, offers services at various celebrations, including weddings. The ceremonies have an atmosphere of dignity, joy and personal experience. There is no religious content but they include ethical message with values that all humans share. It is the humanistic approach. From May 3, 2013 our celebrants have had full legal authority to conduct marriages. If the couple has a legal residency outside of Iceland a certificate of "No Impediments" has to be required from the District Commissioner prior to the ceremony. (See District Commissioner's web page.) Residents from the Nordic countries can bring their local certificate of "No Impediments" from their country, like the "Hindersprövning" from Sweden. All costs should be paid in advance. Special requests or arrangements should be mentioned in the "Further information" box at the bottom of this form. Further inquires can be made at
  • General information

  • A full name should be written in the exact manner you want it to be written in official papers regarding the wedding.
  • If Icelandic resident, a bill is sent to the home bank system using that ID number.
  • In what country is the applicant currently legally registering his/her home?
  • Written as in all legal documents please
  • E.g. name of travel agency, wedding agency, etc. that acts as an important or responsible intermediary.
  • Félagar fá afslátt af athafnargjaldinu. Hægt er að skrá sig í Siðmennt hjá Þjóðskrá á eða Borgartúni 21 (9-15:30).
  • The Legal Residence
  • With your country code please
  • With your country code please
  • Please only use an active e-mail address.
  • Place and Time of the Wedding Ceremony

    Please write here the proposed day and place of wedding.
  • Example: 22.11.2014
  • Example: 11:00
  • E.g. name of Hotel, town and phone number there
  • Example: 06.12.2014
  • For example requests for a celebrant: athafnarstjóra.