Civil confirmation began in Iceland in 1989 when 16 teenagers participated in the first program. For the first time in the 23 year history of civil confirmation in Iceland, the number of youths enrolled in the program has exceeded 200. This amounts to an 85% increase in participation in the program over the past 5 years The program consists of a 12 week course in ethics, critical thinking and related subjects followed by a festive graduation ceremony in which many of the teenagers perform and prominent members of Icelandic society make speeches. Over the years, as our publicity campaigns expanded and media coverage increased, this alternative to religious confirmation has grown increasingly popular. In the early years participation was confined to the capital area but after we started offering a concentrated two-weekend version of our educational program for youth living outside of the capital area, the program went nationwide. We now hold courses and the graduation ceremony in various areas of the nation. What started out as a single class and single ceremony in Reykjavik has now grown into 7 classes and 7 ceremonies held in various parts of the country.