Activity Report from Siðmennt,The Icelandic Ethical Humanist Association for IHEU April 2006

Two main themes characterized the work of Siðmennt over the past year.
1) An incredible amount of activity on a large number of projects.
2) Ever-increasing bonding among the board members – growing teamwork.

However it would be much better both for Sidmennt and Icelandic society if Sidmennt had equal legal and economic status to other life stance organizations in Iceland. Then we could provide all the services which Humanist groups provide in many other countries. In 2005 we did everything we have been doing in the previous 14 years only much more of it! Board members participated in many meetings, seminars, and conferences both in Iceland and abroad. We were quite visible in the media and we received many guests from our sister groups on both sides of the Atlantic.
Below are the highlights of our activities throughout the year.


First annual Icelandic Humanist of the Year Award

On Friday October 21st, 2005 Sidmennt, the Icelandic Ethical Humanist Association presented Samtökin ’78 – The Association of Lesbians and Gay Men in Iceland with its Humanist of the Year Award for their work in gaining human rights for gays and bisexuals in Iceland. This is the first time Sidmennt has presented such an award which will become an annual event.


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