Religion and public schools

Nursery and primary schools that the government operates or sponsors should be safe havens for children where they are free from one sided propaganda by religious or other life stance organizations. Neither children nor parents should have to reveal their life stance or religious beliefs in public schools. Siðmennt holds that these things are primarily a private matter.

You can submit a report on abnormal religious activities in schools on the form below.

On this page you can find, in Icelandic, instructions from the Ministry of Education and Culture and various municipalities regarding relations between schools and religious and life stance organizations.

Notification of indoctrination or religious participation in public schools

  • Siðmennt has assisted people who consider that there is undesirable proselytizing or religious practice taking place in public schools. If you think such practices are happening in your child’s or children’s school, we encourage you to describe your experience here. Please give us a detailed description and identify the school and town.
  • Name of the person notifying Siðmennt.
  • E-mail address of the person notifying Siðmennt.